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Teen Book Publishing. Become a teen published author. You keep control of your rights, E-Book Marketing, Promotion Assistance Services.     

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Helping young students become today’s published authors

          Marketing and Promotions 
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Once you have purchased your ISBN number, you are no longer a self-publisher… you are now a Publisher. Now you are ready to publicize your book to the world. In order to buy your book, people will have to hear about it first. 
Marketing and Promotions

Become a Teen Published Author.
You keep control of your rights, E-book Marketing, Promotion Assistance Services.

Teen Book Publishing can promote your book to more than 87% of the world making your title available to more than 39,000 retailers and libraries.

Teen Book Publishing: Can make your book accessible to worldwide network of Booksellers, Online retailers, Local retailers, E-book retailers, Schools, Universities, Libraries and just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells a book in any format. Get started today.!

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